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Starting at saiyan saga


Episode 1 : The Arrival of Raditz

Raditz, an evil alien space fighter, arrives on Earth, totally disappointed to find that his brother Goku has not completed his mission to destroy the human race.

Episode 2 : The World's Strongest Team

In a daring move, Goku joins forces with his enemy, Piccolo, in the battle to save the Earth from destruction.

Episode 3 : Gohan's Hidden Powers

In the most fierce battle, it seems that Goku must sacrifice his own life to destroy Raditz and save the human race.

Episode 4 : Goku's Unusual Journey

Goku sacrifices himself to ensure the destruction of Raditz and Piccolo begins to develop Gohan's incredible powers. Goku's allies set out to gather all seven Dragon Balls to wish Goku back to existence.

Episode 5 : Gohan's Metamorphosis

Piccolo takes Gohan to a deserted wasteland to train him to exploit his incredible power.

Episode 6 : Gohan Makes a Friend

The allies assemble for training in preparation for the battle of the century against the Saiyans.

Episode 7 : Trouble on Arlia

The evil Saiyan warriors Nappa and Vegeta are getting closer to Earth, eager to gather the seven Dragon Balls, while Gohan continues survival training and Goku (in the other realm) hopes to being his training.

Episode 8 : Home for Infinite Losers

Goku has fallen off Snake Way to the land of no return, but he is shown a secret passage as a reward for catching the fastest ogre in the land.

Episode 9 : Princess Snake's Hospitality

A select group of warriors have gathered at the top of Korin Tower for special training which will prepare them for the arrival of the Saiyans, while Goku reaches the end of Snake Way only to fall into the hands of the beautiful Snake Princess.

Episode 10 : Escape from Piccolo

Gohan escapes the wilderness only to willingly return to training as Piccolo reminds him of his mission : to save the Earth.

>Episode 11 : Showdown in the Past

The Warriors experience the reality of the power of the Saiyans in virtual reality and renew their vow to train and fight for the future of the Earth. Meanwhile Gohan begins his intensive fighting training under Piccolo.

Episode 12 : The End of Snake Way

Goku finally reaches King Kai and begins a rather unorthodox form of training in the days left before the Saiyans arrive, while Gohan continues his training.

Episode 13 : A Fight Against Gravity Catch Bubbles

Goku conquers gravity and displays amazing speed so he can be trained by King Kai himself, while the rest of the good guys polish their skills for the showdown against the Saiyans.

Episode 14 : The Legends of the Saiyans

Goku continues his training under King Kai, as King Kai reveals to Goku his unknown Saiyan heritage.

Episode 15 : Black Day for the Planet Earth

The evil Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta, finally land on Earth and luanch a diabolical wake up call for the planet. Goku is called back to help defend Earth, but can Earth's Special Forces hold out until he arrives?

Episode 16 : The Battle Begins...Goku Where Are You?

As Goku finds his way back, Earth's Special Forces face off against the evil Saiyans and try to protect the Earth. But will all their additional training help them in their struggle against the diabolical aliens?

Episode 17 : The Saibamen Strike

Nappa and Vegeta launch a diabolical new villain...Planet people known as Saibaimen!

Episode 18 : Nappa...The Invincible?

Can anything stop this mighty Saiyan? Piccolo, Chiaotzu and the others go all out in their attempt to end his relentless attacks.

Episode 19 : Tien Goes All Out!

Tien takes up the challenge and goes all out against Nappa. Will his furry be enough to halt the titanic Saiyan? In the midst of the battle, a three hour reprise is given to await the arrival of the long-awaited Goku!

Episode 20 : Time's Up!

As the three hour reprise has ended Goku still has not shown. Can Earth's Special Forces hold out long enough to allow Goku to arrive, or will Earth fall prey to the Saiyan's plans?

Episode 21 : The Return of Goku

As the battle for the Earth rages on, Piccolo must make a critical decision to protect Gohan. And who's that making his arrival?...Goku!

Episode 22 : Goku Strikes Back

Goku takes his turn against the Nappa and teaches the thug that what you sow is what you will reap.

Episode 23 : Goku vs. Vegeta...A Saiyan Duel

Goku now faces his strongest opponent yet! Can he defeat the Strongest of the Saiyans?

Episode 24 : Vegeta...Saiyan Style

Vegeta launches a surprise attack and transforms into a giant ape!

Episode 25 : Stop Vegeta Now!

Krillin, Gohan, and Yajirobe step in to assist Goku in battling the mighty Vegeta. But will their efforts turn the tide?

Episode 26 : Battle's End

Gohan's Saiyan skills are called on as the warrior battles with Vegeta. Teamwork is required as the titanic battle for control of the Earth concludes.

Episode 27 : A New Goal...Namek!

After defeating Vegeta and saving the Earth, Goku, Gohan, Krillin and the gang realize that there is a second set of magical Dragon Balls on the planet Namek.

Episode 28 : Journey to Namek

A spaceship is found which is capable of reaching the planet Namek and Bulma, Krillin and Gohan begin a journey for the original Dragon Balls.

Episode 29 : Friends or Foe?

Bulma and the gang rescue their captors from doom to gain their trust, and learn the reason for their suspicious behaviour. After turning their enemies into friends the gang renews their quest for Dragon Balls.

Episode 30 : Hunt For A Dragon Ball

New friends Raiti and Zaacro lead Bulma and the gang in their treacherous search for Dragon Balls. And before they can gain their reward they'll have to overcome some major obstacles, such as a tornado, acid lakes and an angry giant!

Episode 31 : Who's Who?

Discovery turns into danger in the quest for Dragon Balls, as Bulma and the gang require help from their Namekian friends Raiti and Zaacro. But are they really Namekian? ...And are they really friends?

Episode 32 : Touchdown On Namek

Escaping from the trap set by the devious Raiti and Zaacro, Bulma, Krillin and Gohan manage to land on the real planet Namek-only to find they're not alone! Others are also after the Dragon Balls!

Episode 33 : Face Off On Namek

On the planet Namek, Krillin and Gohan must battle two of Frieza's henchmen while Vegeta must dispose of Cui. But these skirmishes are not being overlooked! They're being witnessed by the watchful scouters of Freiza and his followers, who are already gathering a nice collection of Dragon Balls for themselves!

Episode 34 : The Ruthless Frieza

A sick Goku is mended with the help of magical Senzu beans. Being informed of the poor state of affairs on Namek, Goku takes off to find Bulma's dad, who is currently rebuilding Goku's old spaceship. Now Goku must try to rejoin with the gang before it's too late!

Episode 35 : The Nameks Versus Frieza

Goku begins training in the space pod designed by Bulma's dad! While on the planet Namek, a group of Namekian warriors are under attack from Frieza's evil henchmen. But with Dodoria on Frieza's side, the Namekian forces are in for a tough time!

Episode 36 : Escape From Dodoria

As the group of Namek warriors fall under Dodoria's assault, Krillin and Gohan must intervene to rescue a young Namek named Dende.

Episode 37 : Secrets Revealed

A returning Dodoria is interrupted by the arrival of an old acquaintance...Vegeta! As Vegeta shows his new skills, a frightened Dodoria bargains for his freedom by telling Vegeta the truth about the destruction of his home planet.

Episode 38 : A Collision Course

As Goku approaches planet Namek, problems ensue. It seems a tear in the space pod is causing him to plummet into a star. And as Goku tries to repair the spacecraft, things only get worse. While on Namek, Vegeta encounters a small village and tries to force the Namekian villagers to give over their Dragon Ball.

Episode 39 : Stay Away From Frieza

Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin are informed by Dende that they need to seek the help of the eldest Namek, Guru. Guru will be able to help them in their quest for the Dragon Balls. While in space, Goku is informed by King Kai that Yamcha, Chaotzu, Tien and Piccolo have arrived at King Kai's planet and are training under him.

Episode 40 : Zarbon Transformed

Training on King Kai's planet continues, as Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien, and Piccolo advance their fighting talents. While on Namek surprises are in store, as Frieza's sidekick Zarbon is surprised by Vegeta. Just as it appears Vegeta has bested the saucy warrior, Zarbon transforms into a beast.

Episode 41 : The Eldest Namek

Krillin and Dende reach Guru, the eldest Namek, and learn the mystery of how the Earth Dragon Balls were created, as well as Piccolo's strange origin. Realizing Krillin's good intention, Guru proceeds to reward him with a Dragon Ball, as well as awaken sleeping powers lying dormant within Krillin.

Episode 42 : Get Vegeta!

An injured Vegeta is located but since he alone knows the location of a hidden Dragon Ball, he must be rejuvenated. And a frustrated Frieza summons forth a fighting arsenal to find the Dragon Balls...the Ginyu Force! Elsewhere, Bulma's Dragon Radar locates Vegeta's hidden Dragon Ball and Gohan takes off to recover it. And on King Kai's planet, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu finish training with Bubbles and Gregory, and join Piccolo for their next level of training.

Episode 43 : Vegeta Revived

Gohan recovers Vegeta's hidden Dragon Ball and begins his return. While chaos strikes Frieza's camp, as Vegeta breaks free and escapes with all of Frieza's Dragon Balls. Frieza sends Zarbon to recover them, giving a one hour limit. Having safely stashed the Dragon Balls, Vegeta sees Krillin returning with yet another Dragon Ball, and follows in pursuit.

Episode 44 : A Heavy Burden

A magnetic space storm strikes Goku's space pod, causing the Gravitron to malfunction. Now Goku is trapped in a space pod of 100 times normal gravity! And on Namek, Krillin is met by Vegeta, who wants to force Krillin to give over his only Dragon Ball. But wait...Zarbon also arrives, and also plans to regain the Dragon Balls for Frieza.

Episode 45 : Immortality Denied

A stronger Vegeta overpowers Zarbon, gaining Krillin's Dragon Ball. Thinking he now has all seven of the Dragon Balls, an anxious Vegeta takes off to summon the Eternal Dragon. On his trip, however, he runs into Gohan returning with one of the Dragon Balls hidden by Vegeta.

Episode 46 : Big Trouble For Bulma

Krillin and Gohan take off to see Guru, with hopes that the eldest Namek can awaken hidden powers within Gohan, while Bulma watches over the Dragon Ball recovered by Gohan. But blasts from Frieza shake the planet, causing the Dragon Ball to slip into a deep lake, sinking to the bottom. Now to recapture the Dragon Ball, Bulma must face a sea monster as well as an angry giant crab in the watery depths!

Episode 47 : Scramble for the Dragon Balls

Bulma is captured by two of Frieza's henchmen, who plan to take her and her Dragon Ball back to Frieza. But Bulma convinces them that they should collect the Dragon Balls for themselves! The henchmen force Bulma to lead them to the location of the remaining Dragon Balls. Now Bulma, unaware of where the remaining Dragon Balls are located, must devise a plan to escape. Elsewhere, Gohan and Krillin are spotted by Vegeta on their journey to Guru.

Episode 48 : Arrival of the Ginyu Force

Goku completes training under 100 times normal gravity in preparation for his landing on the planet Namek. While on Namek, Krillin and Gohan detect Vegeta following them, so Krillin stays behind to delay Vegeta long enough for Guru to awaken Gohan's sleeping powers. But as the Ginyu Force arrives, the collective forces of Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan will not be enough to stop Frieza from gaining all of the Dragon Balls. That is, unless they team up to grant Vegeta immortal life! Will Krillin and Gohan go along with this incredible proposal?

Episode 49 : Elite Fighters of the Universe...The Ginyu Force

As all seven of the Dragon Balls are collected, Krillin decides not to allow Vegeta to summon the Eternal Dragon. Almost immediately, the the Ginyu Force has arrived. Using their unique skills the Ginyu capture all seven of the Dragon Balls before they can be discarded or destroyed. Now Captain Ginyu returns to Frieza with all of the Dragon Balls, leaving the remaining four Ginyu to finish off Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan!

Episode 50 : Time Tricks and Body Binds

Krillin and Gohan battle Guido of the Ginyu Force, discovering he has the ability to freeze time for brief periods! Undaunted, the warriors from Earth fight on, eventually wearing down Guido. But just as it appears Guido is no match, he launches his mind freeze...a move which leaves Gohan and Krillin defenseless. As the Ginyu warrior is finishing off Krillin and Gohan, Vegeta intervenes to save them from disaster and put Guido out of action! Now Vegeta must face an even stronger opponent...Recoome!

Episode 51 : No Refuge From Recoome

Vegeta battles Recoome but finds the him to be too powerful. As Gohan and Krillin intervene to aid the Saiyan warrior, they also fall prey to Recoome.

Episode 52 : Enter Goku

Having collected all seven Dragon Balls, Frieza is unable to summon the Eternal Dragon, and is off to find out why. Meanwhile fighting with Recoome continues, with Krillin down and Gohan shouldering the load. But a tough blow stops the young warrior. A strange space ship appears on the horizon...it's Goku! And he's got Senzu beans to heal the injured warriors!

Episode 53 : Goku...Super Saiyan?

With his sidekicks Krillin and Gohan healed, Goku patches up Vegeta, sharing his Senzu beans with him. But it's Goku alone that stands against the awesome Recoome, sending the giant Ginyu crashing in a single blow. Now Goku takes on the forces of Jiece and Burtter with ease. Has Goku become a legendary Super Saiyan?

Episode 54 : Ginyu Assault

Burter and Jeice attack Goku. But Goku's new power is too much for them.

Episode 55 : Incredible Force!

Captain Ginyu starts a battle with Goku. Goku cleverly hides his true power. Then Goku reveals his true powera power unlike anything Jeice and Ginyu had anticipated.

Episode 56 : Frieza Approaches

Captain Ginyu and Jeice face up to Goku then realize what they're up against. Nail returns to defend Guru from Frieza.

Episode 57 : Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku

Frieza battles Nail in an attempt to find the password for the Dragon Balls. Goku face the rest of the Ginyu force.

Episode 58 : Calling the Eternal Dragon

Vegeta's plan to recapture the Dragon Balls is put on hold since Gohan and Krillin find the buried treasure. Captain Ginyu shows up in Goku's body.

Episode 59 : Gohan Defeat Your Dad!

Gohan and Krillin battle Captain Ginyu, disguised in Goku's body.

Episode 60: Captain GinyuThe Frog

An injured Captain Ginyu awaits Vegeta's onslaught.

Episode 61 : Password is Porunga

Nail reveals to Frieza his plot, to stall him long enough for the Earthlings to summon Porunga, the Namekian Dragon!

Episode 62 : Piccolo's Return

Gohan and Krillin summon the Porunga, the Namekian Dragon, to make their wishes. They learn that only one person can be returned for each wish. Vegeta arrives before the last wish is cast.

Episode 63 : The Fusion

Frieza is mad when he finds out the Namekian Dragon Balls are gone! Piccolo arrives on the planet Namek to find an injured Nail.

Episode 64 : Fighting Power: One Million?

Frieza's past is explained as his destruction of the Saiyan home planet is revealed. But he has other secrets.

Episode 65 : Gohan Attacks

Krillin makes a sacrifice and falls prey to Frieza.

Episode 66 : Déjà Vu

Piccolo and Nail, launch into a brawl with Frieza.

Episode 67 : Frieza's Second Transformation

The powers of Nail and Piccolo continue to struggle against Frieza. Frieza gives Piccolo a beating.

Episode 68 : Another Transformation?

Gohan unleashes an attack that nearly topples Frieza. Vegeta reveals his plan. But Frieza also has a plan of his own: his final transformation!

Episode 69 : Dende's Demise

Having reached his ultimate form, Frieza begins his assault. It becomes clear that Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan don't stand a chance. Vegeta comes to the rescue, wanting to fight Frieza single-handedly!

Episode 70 : The Renewed Goku

Vegeta proves to be no match for Frieza. Vegeta's dreams of becoming a Super Saiyan fade away. Goku's healing's almost complete.

Episode 71 : The End of Vegeta

The revitalized Goku arrives on Namek, but not in time to save Vegeta.

Episode 72 : The Ultimate Battle

Goku wages a battle with Frieza.

Episode 73 : Clash of the Super Powers

Goku and Frieza continue to match strength on Namek.

Episode 74 : Frieza's Boast

Frieza vows to battle Goku without using his hands. Captain Ginyu manages to pull a switcheroo on Bulma, leaving her trapped in the body of a frog.

Episode 75 : Bold and Fearless

Captain Ginyu returns to the battlefield in Bulma's body.

Episode 76 : Embodiment of Fire

Goku is in hot water when his Kaio-Ken Attack has no effect on Frieza who's only at his fifty-percent of his maximum power level. A dreamlike vision helps Goku to awaken to an even higher level of power and strength.

Episode 77 : Trump Card

Goku is rescued by a vision. Vegeta talks to Goku from beyond the grave to offer the ailing Saiyan new hope and encouragement.

Episode 78 : Keep the Chance Alive

Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu are scared when the members of the Ginyu Force pay them a surprise visit at King Kai's planet. Frieza stops Goku's efforts to gather enough energy to form the Spirit Bomb.

Episode 79 : Power of the Spirit

Chaos erupts on King Kai's planet as the Z soilders battle the Ginyu Force. A battle between Piccolo and Frieza buys Goku the time he needs to finish gathering enough energy to form the Spirit Bomb! It looks like the battle is over at last.

Episode 80 : Transformed at Last

A victory celebration comes to an end when Frieza reappears on the battlefield. Goku undergoes a wild transformation.

Episode 81 : Explosion of Anger

A rejuvenated Goku explains the he's now a Super Saiyan. Frieza is horrified when he realizes that Goku is now superior to him.

Episode 82 : Namek's Destruction

Finding Goku's Super Saiyan strength to be too much, Frieza directs his attack at the planet Namek! Since he can't react in time, Goku is forced to watch helplessly.

Episode 83 : A Final Attack

Goku launches an attack against Frieza. But Frieza has a few tricks left up his sleeve.

Episode 84 : Approaching Destruction

The battle between Goku and Frieza continues. Back on Earth, the seven Dragon Balls have been collected. King Kai makes a plan that may save his friends on Namek and put an end to Frieza.

Episode 85 : Gohan Returns

The first part of King Kai's plan is complete and all of Frieza's victims have been wished back to life. Goku falls as Frieza launches a final assault. Gohan rushes to the scene.

Episode 86 : The Last Wish

Guru and the people of Namek have been brought back to life, and the dragon Porunga reappears to grant the last of three wishes. Dende races to make the final wish of King Kai's plan. Frieza has in own wish in mind and also races towards the dragon.

Episode 87 : Dual on a Vanishing Planet

Goku remains on Namek to finish Frieza. With Namek about to explode, there seems no way for Goku to defeat Frieza and escape from the planet in time.

Episode 88 : Pathos of Frieza

It looks as though the once unstoppable Frieza has finally been outmatched.

Episode 89 : Frieza's Defeated!

Frieza's attempts to destroy Goku become more reckless. It seems Frieza's fear has come true-defeat at the hands of a Super Saiyan.

Episode 90 : Mighty Blast of Rage

Frieza's down but not out! Frieza fires a final energy blast after Goku as he leaves the battlefield.

Episode 91 : Namek's ExplosionGoku's End?

The Namekian Dragon Balls have followed Goku all the way back to Earth. Even though it looks like Goku is going to be trapped on the exploding planet- the Dragon Balls have the power to bring Goku back!

Episode 92 : Goku's Alive!

Old friends are wished home with the Dragon Balls.

Episode 93 : The Heaven's Tremble

Looks as though peace has once again returned to the Earth. But an evil force is looking for revenge.

Episode 94 : Black Fog of Terror

Garlic Junior has released the Black Water Mist. As the dreaded fog spreads, so does Garlic Junior's control over the Earth.

Episode 95 : Battle in Kami's Lookout

Gohan and Krillin race toward Kami's Lookout in hopes of retrieving the one thing capable of reversing the effects of the Black Water Mist-the Sacred Water.

Episode 96 : Fight With Piccolo

Gohan and Krillin reach Kami's Lookout, but come face to face with Garlic Jr.'s new watchout-Piccolo!

Episode 97 : Call For Restoration

Gohan continues to suffer Piccolo's hold. Krillin attempts to free Kami and Mr. Popo, but also falls to the Black Water Mist.

Episode 98 : Suicidal Course

Piccolo and Krillin spring their plot and reveal that they have only pretended to be infected with the Black Water Mist! Kami and Mr. Popo make a run for the Sacred Water.

Episode 99 : Extreme Measures

Garlic Jr. and his Spice Boys have harnessed the power of the Makyo Star to become stronger than ever, but Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo are ready to meet this new threat!

Episode 100 : The World Awakens

Gohan launches an assault on Garlic Jr.

Episode 101 : Brief Chance for Victory

Garlic Jr. uses his power to open up the Dead Zone. Gohan is the only one left who can stop him.

Episode 102 : Krillin's Proposal

Peace has once again been restored to Earth.

Episode 103 : Frieza's Counterattack

Gohan's cracking the books, and his new tutor is cracking the whip! But study time is almost over, for a powerful evil is racing toward the Earth!

Episode 104 : The Mysterious Youth

The Earth faces its darkest hour as Frieza and his father King Cold rapidly approach!

Episode 105 : Another Super Saiyan?

Frieza and King Cold have descended upon the Earth, but a mysterious lone warrior has come to thwart their diabolical plans of revenge.

Episode 106 : Welcome Back Goku

After handily beating Frieza and his evil father, King Cold, the mysterious stranger announces the exact time and place of Goku's arrival on Earth.

Episode 107 : Mystery Revealed

After testing Goku in combat, the mysterious stranger reveals his true identity!

Episode 108 : Goku's Special Technique

The future has been written -- or has it? That's what Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters must decide as they learn of Trunks' ominous warning. The Androids are coming!

Episode 109 : Z Warriors Prepare

Gohan's learning some new tricks, Vegeta is pushing himself to the breaking point, and Yamcha's struggling just to keep up as everyone prepares to face the looming Android menace!

Episode 110 : Goku's Ordeal

ChiChi wants a car! And Goku and Piccolo must take a day off from training to enroll in driving school. These two mighty warriors may be the Earth's only chance of survival, but what are the chances they'll learn how to parallel park?

Episode 111 : The Androids Appear

Three years have come and gone, and the day of reckoning has finally arrived! The Androids are here, just as Trunks predicted, and they're wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting city!

Episode 112 : A Handy Trick

Yamcha is held at the mercy of the ruthless Android 20, and Goku and the others must race to help their friend.

Episode 113 : Double Trouble for Goku

The battle with the Androids begins in earnest as Goku launches an all out assault against Android 19. The Super Saiyan seems to have the fight well under control, but something is horribly wrong! Goku's strength is mysteriously draining away!

Episode 114 : Upgrade to Super Saiyan

Attacked from within by a crippling virus, Goku is helpless against the maniacal Android 19. But just when it looks like the end for Goku, Vegeta appears on the scene! And he's got a few big surprises in store for the Androids!

Episode 115 : The Secret of Dr. Gero

In his first fight as a Super Saiyan, Vegeta takes control of the battlefield and defeats Android 19 in convincing fashion!

Episode 116 : More Androids?!

Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan lead an exhaustive search through the mountains for the wily Android 20.

Episode 117 : Follow Dr. Gero

Our heroes make a startling discovery - Android 20 is none other than the evil Dr. Gero himself!

Episode 118 : Nightmare Comes True

The race is on, as the Z-Fighters engage in a frantic search for Dr. Gero's hidden laboratory! But rather than stop the androids before they're activated, Vegeta wants a challenge!

Episode 119 : Goku's Assassin

The demented Dr. Gero escapes to his mountain hideout and brings his killer androids to life. Without the help of Goku, who's bedridden with a deadly disease, all hope seems lost. It looks like Dr. Gero will finally get his revenge against Goku.

Episode 120 : Deadly Beauty

Vegeta faces off with Android 18 for a showdown on the highway. Even though Trunks and the others are there to help, the Saiyan prince insists on battling his opponent single-handedly!

Episode 121 : No Match for the Androids

In an earthshaking battle, the beautiful Android 18 brings Vegeta to his knees. But before she can deliver the final blow, Trunks steps in to help. Soon an all out war between good and evil begins, with the androids gaining the upper hand.

Episode 122 : Last Ditch Effort

Struggling to recover from their fight with the androids, Vegeta, Trunks, Tien and Piccolo realize a grim truth: unless they can increase their powers quickly, they have no chance against the android trio.

Episode 123 : Closing In

The evil androids hit the road in hot pursuit of Goku but are delayed by some hyperactive hoodlums. Krillin and Trunks race to move Goku to a safer hiding place, while up in the clouds Kami wrestles with Piccolo's difficult offer.

Episode 124 : Unwelcome Discovery

With the androids close behind, the Z-fighters retreat to Master Roshi's house to plan their next move. Bulma makes a disquieting discovery - the wreckage of a second time capsule!

Episode 125 : Seized with Fear

Trunks and Krillin join Bulma at the crash site of the mysterious time capsule and find an eerie clue-- the shell of a large, locust-like creature!

Episode 126 : The Reunion

It's doomsday in Gingertown, a quiet city near the crash site of the time capsule.

Episode 127 : Borrowed Powers

The deserted streets of Gingertown become a battlefield as the powered-up Piccolo confronts this terror from the future. The monster's name is Cell, and he gains strength from sucking the life out of his victims!

Episode 128 : His Name is Cell

A fleet of tanks roll into Gingertown to destroy the new threat, but Cell quiets the army's attempt with one swift blow.

Episode 129 : Piccolo's Folly

Piccolo has been badly injured from his fight with the android Cell, but he cleverly distracts Cell long enough to regenerate his stricken arm. Now Piccolo is ready for another round, and Krillin and Trunks have arrived for backup!

Episode 130 : Laboratory Basement

Escaping the heroes, Cell strives to carry out his awful plan. By absorbing Androids 17 and 18, Cell can evolve to his perfect, unstoppable form! To save the future, Trunks and Krillin race to destroy Dr. Gero's lab, while Piccolo and Tien search for the elusive Cell.

Episode 131 : Our Hero Awakes

After learning that Cell came from his own bleak future, Trunks is left to ponder the effects of his journey through time. In South City, Cell plows through more civilians and accidentally runs into Krillin! Goku finally gets back on his feet, but with Cell and the other androids in full stride, can the Saiyan hero still make a difference?

Episode 132 : Time Chamber

As Cell continues his deadly march, Goku jumps back into action with an ingenious plan. By training in Kami's Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he, Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta can get a year of training in just one day!

Episode 133 :The Monster Is Coming

Behind the closed doors of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta and Trunks struggle to push past the level of Super Saiyan, while Gohan and Goku wait for their own chance to train. Down on earth, Piccolo challenges Android 17 to a battle and quickly gains the advantage. But don't look now, Cell is on his way!

Episode 134 : He's Here

Fabulously strong after uniting with Kami, Piccolo spearheads the battle against the androids! And it looks like the Super Namek has things well under control until an unexpected guest arrives at the battlefield! It's Cell!

Episode 135 : Up to Piccolo

Just as Cell is about to absorb Android 17, Piccolo bravely steps in and foils Cell's plan! But with Goku and Gohan still waiting for Vegeta and Trunks to finish their training, does Piccolo really have a chance of stopping Cell on his own?!

Episode 136 : Silent Warrior

Sixteen! When the silent giant tells 17 that he is "just as strong as Cell", it seems like a wild claim!

Episode 137 : Say Goodbye, 17

Fire fights fire and android fights android, as the titan 16 clashes against Cell. Miraculously, Android 16 proves himself to be the stronger fighter, but Cell is far too driven to be stopped now! With an underhanded attack, Cell sneaks up on 17 and turns the tables once again! Cell transforms!

Episode 138 : Sacrifice

Tien takes matters into his own hand-and head! With an onslaught of psychic blasts, Tien drives back Cell and gives Android 16 and 18 a chance to escape.

Episode 139 : Saiyans Emerge

Trunks and Vegeta emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after a year of intense training.

Episode 140 : Super Vegeta

Anxious to find 18, the heartless Cell obliterates a chain of inhabited islands, with each explosion bringing him closer to the android's hideout!

Episode 141 : Bow to the Prince

It's show-and-tell for Vegeta as he demonstrates just how much difference a year of hard work can make!

Episode 142 : Hour of Temptation

Goku and Gohan continue to push themselves forward, but will they even be needed? In his powered-up state, Vegeta is quickly pounding Cell six feet into the ground! With his back against the wall, the ever-clever android attacks Vegeta's weakest point-his unbridled arrogance!

Episode 143 : Krillin's Decision

With the controller Bulma made to deactive the Androids, Krillin approaches Android 18 to destroy her and so prevent Cell from becoming complete. But Krillin has feelings for 18, and he can't bring himself to kill her. Instead, he crushes the control.

Episode 144 : The Last Defense

With the remote control smashed and Vegeta giving Cell the go-ahead, the stage is set is for Cell's terrifying completion. Now it's up to Krillin and Trunks to save 18 from Cell's power-hungry grasp.

Episode 145 : Cell is Complete

Dr. Gero's dream has been realized, and the earth's greatest fear has come true. Cell is complete! Can anyone stop the android nightmare in his final, perfect form?

Episode 146 : Vegeta Must Pay

Trunks races to Krillin's side after Cell crushes the small hero with one lethal kick. Next comes Vegeta. He allowed Cell to reach his final form, and now he wants the challenge he was promised. But as Cell becomes a brick wall to the Saiyan's every move, it's clear that Vegeta has more than he bargained for!

Episode 147 : Trunks Ascends

Vegeta doubles as a punching bag as Cell demonstrates his amazing power. But the Saiyan Prince never surrenders! Tapping into the deepest wells of his energy, Vegeta leaves Cell with one last hit-the Final Flash!

Episode 148 : Saving Throw

Vegeta lies unconscious after an intense battle with Cell, and Trunks unleashes his hidden powers to save his father's life. With Goku and Gohan still training and the other fighters clearly out-leagued, Trunks is the only person standing in the evil android's way.

Episode 149 : Ghosts from Tomorrow

As apocalyptic visions of the future haunt his mind, Trunks vows to stop his horrible future from repeating. But Cell remembers those dark days in a different light, and can't wait for history to follow its course. It's all up for grabs as the two warriors prepare for battle. Only one future will survive.

Episode 150 : The Cell Games

Cell and Trunks face off in a power struggle to prove who is stronger. The young Super Saiyan's powers ascend to new levels but Cell proves he is equally as powerful. Trunks accepts defeat only to be given a second chance when Cell proposes a martial arts tournament that will bring the worlds greatest fighters together in one place. Is Cell interested in competition or does he have a more sinister plan?

Episode 151 : What is the Tournament?

Vegita and Krillin find Trunks after his battle with Cell. They learn of Cell's plan to hold a tournament to decide who is the greatest fighter once and for all. Master Roshi recalls the history of the World's Martial Arts Tournament and Cell builds an arena where the tournament will take place. Will this be a one-sided competition that only Cell can win?

Episode 152 : The Doomsday Broadcast

Dr. Brief attempts to repair the damaged Android 16. The team waits impatiently at the Capsule Corporation for Cell to come out of hiding. Cell takes over a television station and announces to the world the time and place of his martial arts tournament. Are there any challengers left with the strength and courage to get in the ring with the scheming serpent?

Episode 153 : Meet Me In the Ring

Goku and Gohan have finished the most intense part of their training and have emerged from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Meanwhile, the good citizens of earth are in a panic as they flee their towns to escape Cell's looming vengeance. But Goku feels he's ready for battle after a trip down to size up Cell.

Episode 154 : No Worries Here

With only nine days left until the tournament with Cell, it seems Goku has decided he's had enough training. So, along with Gohan, the two have returned to earth to pick up Chi Chi and spend a little quality R & R time fishing. Meanwhile, all of Goku's friends think he's lost it because he refuses to train. The question is, has he gone loopy or does he have something up his sleeve that we don't know about yet?!

Episode 155 : A Girl Named Lime

While out shopping for his Mother, Gohan stumbles upon a village that has retreated to a nearby shelter. But when a little girl named Lime shows Gohan that the owner of the shelter is merely capitalizing on the villagers' fear of Cell, Gohan comes up with a Super Saiyan solution to the problem! . . .

Episode 156 : Memories of Gohan

As the countdown continues until the commencement of the Cell Game, Goku continues his strategy of enjoying the remaining time with his family and Krillin! Go fishing with Goku and Krillin, and stroll down memory lane with Chichi, until it's time for a very special boy to blow out the candles! . . .

Episode 157 : A New Guardian

With the day of the tournament drawing near, Goku seems oddly relaxed. That is, until the Royal Military foolishly tries to stop Cell with ordinary weapons! The attack quickly becomes a suicide mission, and now Goku is determined to bring them back! But that would require new Dragon Balls?!

Episode 158 : Dende's Dragon

After a little help from King Kai, Goku travels to the new planet Namek to recruit a new guardian for the Earth! Most of the Nameks quickly refuse the offer, but there's one little guy who can't wait to go! Dende is back, and he's going to create a new Dragon!

Episode 159 : The Puzzle of General Tao

Goku encounters General Tao and Mr. Bourbon, a gangster who is also collecting the Dragon Balls. Goku solves a puzzle to get their two Dragon Balls, and then finds all seven. The tournament is one hour away.

Episode 160 : The Games Begin

The tournament day has come, and all the fighters gather at ringside. Goku wants to go first, but Hercule annoyingly insists on fighting first. Realizing Hercule's thick-headedness, Goku agrees.

Episode 161 : Losers Fight First

Hercule insists on fighting before Goku. First Hercule's students, Caroni and Pirozhki, fight Cell and are quickly defeated by Cell's energy aura. Then Hercule steps up and is quickly thrown from the ring. Now the games can really begin: It's Goku's turn.

Episode 162 : Goku Vs. Cell

Goku and Cell begin their fight and both are having fun, testing eachother and enjoying a good fight. After a long round, they announce they're done with their warm-up and start again.

Episode 163 : Cell's Bag of Tricks

The fight continues more intensely. Cell demonstrates moves of other fighters, such as Tien's split-form and energy blasts of Piccolo and Frieza. Finally, Cell fires a huge Kamehameha that could destroy the earth. Goku evades it using Instant Transmission.

Episode 164 : No More Rules

Cell destroys his ring so he and Goku will be free to fight until the very end without restrictions. Goku puts all of his energy into a Kamehameha and disentegrates the top half of Cell.

Episode 165 : The Fight Is Over

Cell regenerates and his fight with Goku continues. Cell creates a defensive barrier because he is injured, but Goku is even more drained. Cell urges Goku to take a Senzu Bean so they can continue fighting, but Goku unexpectedly gives up.

Episode 166 : Faith in a Boy

To everyone's surprise, Goku appoints Gohan as the next contestant against Cell. He is so confident of his son that he gives Cell a Senzu Bean so that Gohan can fight Cell in his best condition. The fight begins.

Episode 167 : Gohan's Desperate Plea

Gohan and Cell fight, and Gohan is not trying his hardest. He asks Cell to stop the tournament, because he doesn't like fighting or killing, and he knows that if Cell makes him unleash his dormant power Cell will die. Cell is determined to see that power.

Episodes will be updated weekly