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The Good


Currently we have only the basic Z Fighters for info



Taught Kung-Fu by his late Grandfather who raised him out in the wilderness, Goku is very strong, very agile and virtually fearless. He'll take on any fight no matter what the odds are if he thinks that someone has been wronged. And he'll usually win. That's because Goku is not a typical eight year old. He is able to fly short distances and carries a magic fighting stick that stretches to incredible lengths.But Goku is more that just a good kid with cool hair and a great karate kick. He's a little naive which can really annoy Bulma at times!

But no matter how far from his home Goku travels, the spirit of his grandfather is always with him, providing him with a wealth of knowledge that he can call upon in times of need. It's Goku's quotes of his grandfather's views and observations about the world and life in general that keep him anchored as the temptations and intrigue of the world swirls around him.

That's what sustains him. His grandfather's wisdom, and about 200 pounds of food a day. The kid eats like a horse!When Goku grows up, he is still a peaceful, good natured, honest, protective, and trusting soul. He is also the most powerful warrior on Earth and the first to become a Super Saiyan (in later episodes) in over 1000 years! Having honed his skills and strengthened his spirit to a level never achieved by any being on Earth, Goku is able to fly, shoot energy beams from his hands, move at incredible speeds and --when in a pinch-- power-up to a fighting level so high it creates an energy aura around his body and makes him turn blond with green eyes becoming every villain's ultimate nightmare!

When the Saiyans arrive, it is a total shock in more ways than one! Not only does Goku meet his deadliest foe ever--one that is more powerful than he is--he learns the mysterious secret of his own past: he is a Saiyan formerly named Kakarot sent to Earth as a baby to grow up and destroy the planet as he went along. Fortunately, when he was discovered in the wild as an infant and raised by a peaceful old wise man, his life was changed forever. A near-fatal head injury scrambled his programming and instead of growing up to become a destructive super-warrior, he became innocent and pure of heart, fighting for good!

Goku is always there to help his family and friends and he is very protective of them. If he has a weakness, it is his trusting nature. Sometimes he is too trusting but Goku is always looking for the good qualities in people and can often find a spark of good when others don't see it.

Goku has many powerful fighting techniques including the powerful Kamehameha wave and the KAIO-KEN which he learns from King Kai. His last and most powerful weapon is an immensely powerful energy ball which garners pieces of energy from all sources on the planet, concentrates it on one sphere and then releases it in one mighty swoop. This ball can be used only once and must be guided carefully for it can destroy the planet if used inappropriately.

Goku's power level changes rapidly rising from a 330 level in the beginning peaceful episodes to 5000 after training with King Kai to 8000 when he is angry to 21000 when doing the famous Triple KAIO-KEN. And all of this is before his Super Saiyan stage! To further aid him, Goku still has the famous Nimbus Cloud and Power Pole.



Gohan Gohan, Goku and Chi-Chi's four-year-old son, was named after his adoptive grandfather. Physically, he resembles a young Goku right down to the tail and the likelihood to become an uncontrollable raging Giant Monkey when he looks at a full moon, while spiritually, he is good and pure of heart as well.

Because of his protective mother, Gohan, starts out as a wimp, but when the Earth is threatened, he reveals his tremendous potential as a fighter and uncontrollably "powers up" in order to rescue his father from a desperate situation. Because of this, Gohan is forced into training in preparation for the eminent arrival of the evil Saiyans. As a result, he becomes quite a fighter in his own right with much of his training coming at the hands of Piccolo, the former arch enemy of Gohan's father, Goku.

The training begins as survival training. Gohan is abandoned for six months in the wilderness battling, among other things, hunger, scorpions, Sabre tigers, and dinosaurs. Then comes constant and intense fighting against Piccolo to train him in the art of war. His mission: "to kill the Saiyans and save the Earth". He is taught many things at the hand of Piccolo such as "you don't see the enemy, you feel him". The special bond causes Piccolo to step in front of Nappa's mightily blast to save Gohan's life. But, after all, Gohan was the only one that ever treated Piccolo as a friend.

Initially caught between "wimp" and "warrior", Gohan's loss of nerve in the battle against the Saiyans costs his friends dearly. Haunted by his failure, he is determined to make up for his cowardice and volunteers to travel to Planet Namek to search for the source of the original Dragon Balls, so that he can wish his friends back to life. And he comes through in the end of the final battle as he looks at the moon, turns into a Giant Monkey and lunges toward Vegeta to fell the planet.

His power when initially kidnapped and placed in the spaceship was 710. This jumps to 1307 when he sees Goku hurt and to 2800 when he goes to fight after Piccolo's been hurt. His tremendous power is accounted for by the incredible mix between Earthling and Saiyan which produces an even stronger being than either human or Saiyan alone.


As a young boy, Krillin studied martial arts with Goku under Master Roshi. Originally he and Goku were fierce rivals, but now they've become the best of friends. Krillin soon realized that Goku was special and that the Power of Light was very strong within him, and he now holds Goku in high respect. But don't get the idea that he's a helpless buffoon. A good fighter in his own accord, he's always there to help Goku. He can and has saved his friend's life more than once. In fact, Krillin unleashes an incredible energy blast shaped like a flying disk that literally slices through mountaintops. Krillin is incredibly dedicated to his friends, especially Goku, and holds friendship in high value. He is willing to fight against the Saibaimen and Saiyans even though he doesn't want to die and knows he can't be brought back to life again by the Dragon Balls. Goku constantly encourages Krillin to have confidence in his own abilities as Krillin learns to be a remarkable fighter--that is, for an earthling.



He is the son of King Vegeta. Vegeta is known as a super powerful Saiyan. Along with Nappa they are the two last surviving Saiyans. Nappa and Vegeta travel to Earth to destroy all life and sell the planet. He's a fierce competitor of Goku's that's always trying to reach higher power levels than Goku. Very focus, he dreams of the Dragon Balls gaining immortality. He is determined to ruin Frieza. After the Namek Saga he changes sides and fights for the good guys



Tien is a serious, three-eyed man intent on training to be strong. Formerly he beat Goku at a world-wide martial arts tournament. He can stop a waterfall with a blast and crush rocks with his head. His fighting techniques include the ability to hover in the air, throw concentration bombs, and split into two or four separate entities.

Tien is excited about being trained by Kami and willing to fight against the Saiyans despite the incredible odds against them. He volunteers to be the first to fight against the Saibaimen, wins the battle and goes on to fight against the Saiyans. He enjoys the friendship of Chiaotzu and is distressed when his friend completes a suicide mission.



He is the son of Bulma, a tech guru, and Vegeta, one of the most powerful fighters. We know he's somewhere from the future. At one time he saw a threat to the Earth and has now come back in time to save the Earth.

Surpisingly, Trunks quickly defeats King Cold and Frieza. He also helps by giving Goku life saving medicine and tells of the Earth's future predicament.


Goku's one time arch enemy, Piccolo, is the second strongest being on the Earth. He wears an extremely heavy cape as constant training for his muscles. He is renowned for his powerful energy blasts as well as his ability to split into two or four separate entities. Green like a lizard, Piccolo has the ability to regenerate any limbs that he may lose in battle. A capability that comes in handy more than once.

Originally from the faraway planet (although Piccolo doesn't know this for a long time), Piccolo came to Earth and is fighting against Goku to rule the world. But when the Saiyans arrive, he's forced to join forces with Goku and the others to defeat a greater, more powerful evil.

At first, it is an uneasy alliance with Goku, but as the story unfolds, their bond becomes stronger. Piccolo even steps in to train Gohan for the upcoming battle against the Saiyans. Piccolo is confused by the bond he sees with Gohan and by his own actions. Is he training up an opponent who is stronger than he is and why does he risk his life to save Gohan's? Gohan sees the good within Piccolo and their relationship brings this good out of Piccolo. In the showdown with Vegeta and Nappa, Piccolo saves Gohan's life by jumping in front of an energy blast targeted at Gohan.



Yamcha is a powerful and feared, dark-haired warrior-thief who can call upon the fearsome power of the Wolf-Fang Fist, a karate move he uses to help him vanquish his enemies. He is linked spiritually with wolves and the Wolf-Fang Fist is a potent weapon that he only uses when necessary. Initially Yamcha seems more like a bully than a hero, but he comes around as he meets the others and becomes infatuated with Bulma. Although normally incredibly cool, confident and under control, he is preposterously shy, often to the point of debilitation, around women. When he gets older, he is anxious and willing to be trained by Kami and to join the upcoming battle against the Saiyans even though he understands that the odds will be against them. In the heat of battle, Yamcha volunteers to fight the Saibaimen instead of Krillin because Krillin has already been wished back to life by the Dragon Balls-- the Dragon Balls cannot grant the same wish twice.This good looking warrior still has an attraction for Bulma.



This white-skinned, red-cheeked little prince is a devoted companion of Tien. Noble and unselfish, Chiaotzu does not hesitate to throw himself onto Nappa's back and self-destruct in an attempt to save his comrades.

the bad


King Cold

King Cold is an enormous, evil monster. He's Frieza's dad and resembles him in several ways. His desire to destroy the world along with his physical similarities make the resemblance to Frieza clear. King Cold is responsible for "resurrecting" Frieza after the destruction of Namek. Now sporting an android-like shape, Frieza and King Cold are heading to Earth

freezaThe mention of the name Frieza, causes dread across the universe. Frieza is feared by all as the most evil being in the universe, with no competitor being even close to his strength. He's obsessed with power and doesn't show an ounce of compassion. Frieza is desperate to collect the Dragon Balls, call upon the Dragon and gain his wish for immortality. Once he accomplishes immorality he can rule the entire universe, unrivaled, forever.

nappa Nappa

Fellow warrior and Saiyan with Vegeta, Nappa comes to Earth with Vegeta to destroy it. This muscular Saiyan does much of the early fighting on Earth including eliminating directly or indirectly through the Saibaimen. He planted seeds which turn into the six Saibaimen and battled the allies.

Nappa may have more brawn than brain and gets over excited and careless when fighting. Vegeta coaches him to calm down and states that he can win the fight. It is during his Kamehameha beam attack on Gohan and Krillin that Goku swoops in with his KAIO-KEN attack to thwart Nappa. Nappa is inferior to and afraid of Vegeta --and for a good reason. When Nappa loses the fight to Goku, Vegeta turns on him and immediately eliminates him for his weakness.

androidsAndroids 16-19

Dr. Gero is responsible for the creation of Androids 16-19. They are his most destructive creations and are out to destroy our good guys on the Earth. These androids are powerful and live to destroy. Android 16 is an experimental model. Since he's extremely strong, he enjoys destroying absolutely everything in view. After being defeated by Bulma and Cell, his pieces are collected, reassembled and programmed to fight for the good guys. Androids 17-18 are teenagers and are considered the future threat to the Earth. They force Trunks to come back to this time on Earth from the future to stop them. Android 19 is dedicated to getting rid of the good guys and uses all the weapons he can find. Androids 19 and 20 are the first to come to Earth in the Cell.


Cell was created in Dr. Gero's lab as a genetic experiment. He is Dr. Gero's most dangerous creation since he contains the DNA of the some of the strongest fighters, including Vegeta, Goku and Piccolo. He was created with a scorpion-like tail that opens up to sponge the energy of his competitors, a self-destruct feature, and instructions for revenge on the Androids.

Garlic Jr.

Garlic Jr. is both evil and smart. He has grand plans to take over the universe. He is able to transform into a monstrous ruler. His wish is to ruin Kami, the Namekian guardian of Earth. Then he could rule the Earth. The Eternal Dragon Shenron gave Garlic Jr. immortality after he successfully collected all seven of the Earth's Dragon Balls. Since then he's been locked in a black void.

Garlic Jr. is originally from the Makyo Star and his power fluctuates with the star's distance. When the Makyo Star is close to Garlic Jr. his power increases, pushing him out of the void.