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This is the history of the Dragon Balls



Here are seven magical Dragon Balls each with between one and seven stars in their midst and a glow that emanates when they are near other Dragon Balls. When the seven balls are gathered together, the Eternal Dragon is summoned to grant one wish.

The Earth's Dragon Balls were created by Kami. While extremely powerful (they can grant riches, restore lives, etc.), they do have some limits. They cannot grant a wish greater than the power of their creator, they will not grant the same wish twice (thus they can only bring a person back to life once) and they will lose their power when their creator dies.

It is rumoured that the original Dragon Balls are on Namek and that these Namekian balls may be even more powerful. When the Earth's Dragon Balls lose their powers, Vegeta and the allies both rush to Namek to see if these Dragon Balls exist. Vegeta wants eternal life and the allies want to revive their friends.

The People Of Namek are a peaceful race. Their hierarchy is based on villages, each governed by Elders. The villages contain one Dragon Ball each which are guarded by the elder of that village who would rather die than turn the Dragon Ball over to an evil force.

The Namekians are, as best as can be described, a combination of reptile and insect: green and able to regenerate limbs. They are born into one station or function in life which they do their best to fulfill. They are all unisex. One warrior can be absorbed into another.

Piccolo and Kami are from the Planet Namek but now live on Earth. Not aware of their heritage, Kami instinctively creates Dragon Balls similar to the ones on Namek, Kami exhibits the same peace-loving characteristics of most Namekians, and Piccolo demonstrates the regenerative capabilities.

Throughout the millennia, the battle between good and evil has raged unchecked. But never has there been a dark force so strong, so powerful, as The Saiyans.

Born long ago of a primeval force on a faraway planet, the Saiyans grew and developed into a warrior race so devastating and relentless that they destroyed the other tribe, the Truffles, that shared their planet. Then, when only the most powerful had survived and had trained on this planet with incredible gravity, they were united into one unbeatable, overwhelming force.

The Saiyans are the supreme warrior race that holds conquest above all else. They are born with an innate sense of fighting and a tail which enables them to metamorphism into a Giant Monkey ten times their strength when they look at the full moon. They are obsessed with becoming as deadly as possible through extensive training and learning --even going as far as to develop a device which measures one's power level.

Dragon Ball is the story of Goku, a brave, innocent young boy with incredible powers who is plunged into a mystical adventure that is played out in exotic lands filled with noble warriors, beautiful princesses, shape-changing monsters, armies of ruthless villains and a kooky old wise man.

Saddled with a loud, pushy, teenager girl-companion who thinks nagging is something that just has to be done, Goku is thrust wide-open into a place where magical powers and futuristic technology exist side by side.

Dragon Ball is the inescapable battle of good versus evil, right versus wrong and pure hearts versus empty souls. It's the continuing saga of the quest for fervent dreams, the realization of secret innermost wishes and the insatiable hunger for a ham sandwich.

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